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Cesy leads the film department of the Center for Political Beauty and makes up part of its creative center. Her film “Guilt - the barbarian Europe” won the 2012 Web Video Award. “Dancing on a Monday” ran in 2015 amongst others in the Max Ophüls Festival in Saarbrücken.

Montags tanzen

Fred and Maya have managed to keep their love and freedom despite the family. With the relocation of Maya's pregnant sister Ella and her husband back to Berlin, two different life concepts collide: Ellas Healed-World concept and Maya's unconventional views. But when Ella's pink world is out of line, something happens to Maya. How wild is she really after years of mother and family roles?

With  Henny Reetns, Judith Hörsch, Viven Bullert, Mehmet Yilmaz, Pierre Kiwitt, Max Urlacher

Director and book  Cesy Leonard

Camera  Manuel Ruge

Editing  Bernhard Strubel 

Music  Mowat

Sound  Assad Bloom

Fittings  Prescilla Iogombewe 

Costume  Jule Petz

Actors  Henny Reents, Mehmet Yilmaz, Pierre Kiwitt, Judith Hörsch, Vivien Bullert, Max Urlacher

Producers  Angeliqué Kommer, Cüneyt Kaya

Production  All Ahead Films

Schuld – die Barbarei Europas

A female banker fights against a modern illness: mikropsychia - a new version of the Stone Age self-reliance.

With  Luzia Schelling, Philipp Ruch, Thilo Bode, Ralf Südhoff, Markus Henn

Camera  Patryk Witt, Firas Sabbagh

Editing  Firas Sabbagh, Devid Mrusek, Johannes Seelang

Music  Kim Hellwig, Jens Hellwig

Sound  Patrick Sepke

Text  Ruch

Director  Cesy Leonard